New Adult Coloring Books Bring Stress Relief

I vividly recall hours spent coloring, as a child, sitting at the kitchen table or sprawled out on the living room floor. I loved to draw, but adding the perfect bit of color made the pictures that much better. As I grew older and more experienced with art, I started blending and fading my colors to give a simple lined drawing that fancier look. Now, as a parent, I color with my children. But I also remember coloring a picture a few months ago, with no kids around, just to take a break from my work. While I simply printed off a coloring page from online, there is a new, growing market for adult coloring books.

For children, coloring is a way to show creativity and imagination in the colors they choose or patterns they create. For adults, coloring goes further than a fun hobby; it can become a de-stressing activity. These new grown-up coloring books, which offer much more detailed images than those found in a child’s book, make it possible for adults to escape the everyday routines and stressors that can bog them down physically and mentally. The idea behind the books is that of mindfulness. The act of coloring will pull the artist’s focus to the intricate designs, allowing him or her to get absorbed in the moment and enter a meditative state of relaxation. At the end of the coloring session, the artist should feel refreshed.

The idea of art therapy is not new, but these books seek to embrace that theory. When you view comments about adult coloring books, it is clear that some people are not buying it; they do not believe that coloring can be therapy. For those like me who have tried it, however, its effectiveness is a sure thing. 

The complexity of designs and themes of the images vary in each book. Some offer classic images and comics, while others have peaceful garden or water scenes. Many of them have made the bestseller list on Amazon, which surely demonstrates the desire for such items and need for this colorful market.

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A Thank You Note for a Heroic Deed


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Firefighters are heroes among the community, going where no man would dare to go. They fight devastating fires and they save lives. The world needs firefighters because they make the world a better place and they spread education on how to prevent fires. 

One group of firemen in particular received the gratitude that they deserved for putting out dangerous fires. A group of firefighters in New Jersey, after a long night on the job, pulled up to a diner for a hot meal before some well deserved rest. The two men were Paul Hullings and Tim Young. These two men were only looking for some hot food, but found so much more.

The waitress at the diner noticed their uniform and noticed their tired demeanor. She could easily guess that these men were probably out on the job the night before and were just looking for a hot meal before going to bed. The waitress served the two firemen their breakfast and they eagerly began chowing down on the well deserved food. When it came time for the check, the waitress surprised the two firemen by writing on the bill that their breakfast was, in fact, on her. She covered their breakfast in hopes that this good deed would be a thank you for all the hard work that they have been putting in.

On the bill, the note stated that she was thanking them for their service. Due to their obvious tiredness, the waitress also did not want to trouble the firemen with the bill. The waitress also thanked the firemen for running to the places that everyone else just runs away from. The waitress thanks the firemen for being courageous and hopes that the little gratitude of paying for their bill is enough. She also shares with the firemen that they are an example to all citizens.

When the firefighters arrived at the diner, it was the middle of the night. They were able to converse with Liz, their waitress and they were able to share stories with her. Liz Woodward was so thankful and appreciative that he picked up their $15 tab and told the firemen to get some rest. The note made the firemen tear up because they were glad that they were wanted and loved within the community. To thank her for her actions, they decided to help her by raising money for a wheel chair van for her father.

Revolutionary Tire Could Hit the Consumer Markets Soon


For 130 years air filled tires have been the standard of consumer automobile companies. All that is about to change with Hancook’s airless tires. Even though military vehicles have been utilizing solid rubber tires that don’t require inflation for decades, solid airless tires have been proven to be excessively more expensive to produce and just not practical for everyday consumer use.

Michelin and Polaris have been offering airless tires for agricultural and off-road use for several years now, but no tire manufacture has offered an ideal airless tire for consumer everyday use. Hancook is revolutionizing the automobile industry by introducing non-pneumatic tires that don’t require air. These new tires offer stability and cushion that air filled tires have without the worry of a having a blow out from a nail or gash in the tire. Proven to go speeds up to 130 kilometers (or roughly 81 miles per hour) and withstand even the harshest of turns,
Hancook is proving itself to be a likely contender and even alternative to the mainstream air filled tires offered in today’s automotive industry. The new tire acts as a shock absorber by using various webbed designs that allow for great aerodynamics and durability. The air less tire is far from finished. It still has many stages of testing before it hits the market. As technology continues to advance and airless tires become more stable and engineered for daily transit use, it could only be a matter of years before we see airless tires going mainstream.
If Hancook’s design is proven to be an efficient and cost effective design on the market, larger companies may follow in their footsteps. Before you know it, countless vehicles may be seen littering the highways and freeways with designs similar to those of Hancook’s. Only time will tell on the success and overall consumer opinion of the airless tire.

Joseph Bismark Believes in Business with Spirituality Added


Business and Spirituality are a Good Combination

Joseph Bismark is an extraordinary businessman. He is also an individual who has a deep and solid belief in the truth. The corporate world is filled with competition and with a desire for success. Does peace of mind and spirituality have a place in the busy business world? Joseph Bismark is one businessman who does hold the belief that business and spirituality make a good combination. A bond and a connection with your fellow business colleague will give those involved a strong sense of harmony within a business. It may be considered brotherhood in the world of business. Peace and goodwill to all men and woman have been proven, by Mr. Bismark, to be of great value. Joseph does believe that success, business, and a spirituality lead to an enhanced corporation. He has shown through Qnet, he is a member on the board of directors, that his unique belief really does work in the business world.

Knowledge gained in the Philippines
Joseph Bismark may have found his calling in his life in the Philippines many years ago. He was a young lad when he left home and became a monk. He was able to do this within the mountains of the Philippines. He then was able to bring his learned spiritual belief with him into the business world. He had been greatly impacted by the teachings in the ashram within the mountains. He was able to take his spiritual principles and combine them with business principles. He rose swiftly with this combination. He became the Managing Director for the QI Group in the year 2008. He was a key player within the Qnet company founding. He is a firm believer in the power of strong team players. He is an individual who does place a high value in integrity and the running of a business. His belief does include that success is not measured by achievements of a material nature. Success does include a spiritual awakening within the world of business. This is inner peace combined with service that is both meaningful as well as selfless. Joseph Bismark has proven that he is an intellect and a businessman. He has shown that there truly is a place for spirituality in the corporate business world.

Joseph Bismark Discovers a New Way to Manage

With the QI Group Joseph Bismark has done something incredible. I have read about this leadership style, and I know that he has helped shape the QI group into a totally different organization. He took off time from this corporate life and became a monk before he came to the QI Group. This led him on a journey that would allow him to bring a type of spiritual energy that has places the employees under his leadership in a much more relaxed environment. That may be the main reason that this company has continued to thrive.

It is a bit unorthodox, but the Joseph Bismark is an example of how to lead by breaking the rules. I would have never guessed that a company could have a director that has the type of background that Joseph Bismark has. After all, he had the luxury lifestyle and comfort of someone that was at the top of the corporate ladder. Unfortunately, Bismark was not very content with this life. That is why he became a monk. The great thing that Bismark realized is that if he was not content with this life than others that were leading this stressful corporate life probably were unhappy as well. He wanted help those unhappy souls, and that is why he returned to the business world after he studied and gained the spiritual guidance that he needed as a monk. This has allowed him to discover a new path for business leadership. That may be the best thing that any corporation could have. A leader with a fresh mindset.

Bismark has managed to come back into a corporate world that he saw as broken and fix it with a new approach to management. I am almost envious of the employees that are working under his leadership because I know that this must be a happier work environment and a better culture. It seems ideal to have someone like Joseph Bismark in place because he understands that the workplace is not ran by robots. It is true that there are a lot of automated tasks, but there is still a need for humans to work together. He pushes the concept of team work for direct selling. He used examples on his blog to talk about things like innovation and self-esteem within an organizational setting.

At the end of the day Bismark is more than a leader that has employees under his leadership. He is an author. He is a motivational speaker. His passion for business and spiritual wholeness are a great combination for any company that wants to truly put the customer first. With Joseph Bismark he realizes that putting the customer first means taking care of the spiritual needs of the employees that interact with the customer. If the employee is stressed this is just going to lead to more stress that is passed on to the customer. Bismark understands this and he has returned to the corporate world to right those wrongs. He may be working for a single company, but he is spreading his word through other organizations through his writings and speaking engagements.

Bismark has certainly made his mark by proving a bit of inspiration to those that are looking for a wait to combat stress. He has learned a lot as a monk, and he has managed to implement strategies that give him a better perspective on resolving performance issues in the workplace. To put it clearly, Bismark knows how to motivate. I have seen videos on his blog, and he has the personality that is needed to improve corporate workplace environments.

Joseph Bismark brings spirituality to the business world, thus creating a blend of business acumen and calm reason. This combination continues to create an aura of success expanding to both his business and personal life. As a member of the board of directors of the QI Group with the title of Managing Director, he has helped the company achieve the heights of profitability expanding across the globe.

Although Joseph started life with an unusual upbringing by leaving home at the age of nine to become a monk, his decision to use his remarkable training to become a corporate guru instead. His training in an ashram in the Philippines until the age of seventeen installed the principles that have made him a favorite in the business world. These teachings have allowed him to be versatile and to excel, not only in business, but as a philosopher and author of The Gem Collection: A Compilation of Wisdom. In his book, he expounds the philosophies that aided in his rise to success from a man with no formal education, to co-founder and Managing Director of the QI Group. With his mantra “We are not the physical body, we are spirit-souls. True happiness lies in the understanding of our real identity as spirit souls and not the physical body,” he has mastered the body, mind, and soul to create success. He feels that he can share with others as a mentor and teacher as well as a yoga instructor, philosopher and martial artist helping others to achieve success in business and life.
Whereas most find the corporate world to be stressful, Mr. Bismark has found success through combining his spirituality with the demands of running an international conglomerate. As a member of the board of directors of the QI Group, he now focuses on building Qnet, the principal subsidiary of QI, to the peak of profitability. His believes that creating an atmosphere of brotherhood and harmony will lead to working together to solve problems and create innovative ideas in the workplace. His personal philosophy of treating his employees with respect has paid off with an increase of profitability and has made him a favorite within the company.

Why Joseph Bismark’s Story is So Refreshing

In the world of business, it’s not often that you meet people who you can really, truly like on a personal level. The business world is a cutthroat one, and it can be easy to be eaten alive by businessmen and businesswomen who want nothing more than to rise to the top.

This is why meeting successful businessmen like Joseph Bismark can be so refreshing. Men like Joseph Bismark are truly one in a million and leave a legacy behind them everywhere that they go, whether they are meeting for business, spirituality, friendship or all three.

Joseph Bismark left his family and his comfortable home and lifestyle when he was only nine years old so that he could become a monk in the Philippines. Although he left the ashram when he was 17 years old, he took all of the things that he learned while he lived this life as a monk with him. Even as he pursued a life as a businessman, he didn’t forget his roots or the things that he learned in the eight years that he lived in the ashram as a boy, and then a young man.

Bismark took all of his teachings with him into the business world and has since shown the world that it’s entirely possible for spirituality to walk hand-in-hand. He has worked as a yoga instructor, in the field of martial arts and as a philosopher, and he spends his days sharing the message of his faith while running a successful business as an entrepreneur.

There are a lot of people who can learn a lot of things from a refreshing man like Joseph Bismark. Joseph Bismark has become successful in fields that are important to him while never letting go of his true self, his true beliefs and the things that he has learned over the course of his life. It can be tough to find someone in the business world who is so admirable, but if you are looking for this type of man, you don’t have to look any further than to Joseph Bismark.

The Biography of Joseph Bismark

The corporate world has proven to be very challenging especially when one brings on spirituality. Starting and running a business that ultimately becomes successful is something most people dream of but never come to accomplish it; Joseph Bismark and his colleagues made it through. Joseph Bismark sits in the QI Group of Companies Board of Governors and having made Partner with Qnet, which is a subsidiary of the group, his prowess has enabled him to lead the company to new heights that are dynamic and innovative. As such, he is renowned for his efforts and hard work, and he is still captivating millions with his expertise in business approaches and highly profitable ideas.

Joseph Bismark was born and brought up in The Philippines. At the age of nine, he left his home to become a monk in one of the ashrams in the Philippine mountains. It was not until he was 17 that he came back and immediately entered the corporate world. Equipped with lessons from the mountain, he developed business principles that built a unique position for him to flourish in the industry, and it was at this point that Qnet identified and handpicked him for a highly executive position; the managing director for its group of companies. Since 2008, his influence has been instrumental to the success of the company especially when founding RHYTHM, which serves as the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility platform. He says this is a dream come true as it not only gives back to the community but also reflects his core values. He believes in teamwork and vision-oriented objectives, and this character has helped him to see the potential in employees, and help them to grow with the company.

He lives a simple lifestyle that is grounded on humility among other spiritual core values, and this has made him taste success though he treats it as a temporary state. Respect and encouragement are his right-hand man, and the urge to bring brotherhood, positivity and forward-thinking in the company has not only given him favor with clients but also employees. As such, he has become a source of inspiration to many especially on the aspect of balancing business with spiritual life. One unique thing about Joseph Bismark is that he does not only speak his mind, but his views also reflect what he has already implemented in his life. He shares his experiences and success not to boast but as a source of reference to those who want to realize a spiritual awakening, become successful in business, develop a selfless service, and create that inner peace. Joseph Bismark is an author of books and blogs, and he is a popular speaker in motivational conferences.

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Bernie Sanders sees grass roots support grow through small donors


The movement to bring Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to the White House seems to be gaining momentum amongst grass roots liberals who are looking to fund their support for the candidate through small donations. In fact, National Journal reports the average donation to Sanders campaign totals just $35.18, but with around 284,000 donors the Senator has seen his campaign fund hit $15.1 million. Sanders is making waves amongst the Democratic party even though he is an Independent Senator as he has turned his back on backing from billionaire donors. Despite this fact a Los Angeles based lawyer has recently attempted to create a Super PAC supporting Sanders.

The movement towards sanders has seen him draw closer to Democratic favorite Hilary Clinton in the polls for early election states. Sanders is also drawing large crowds of supporters to his town hall meetings and public appearances, where his own brand of socialism seems to have hit a chord with disenchanted voters. Sanders has been looking to draw closer to Clinton through his use of popular rhetoric, including a call for free college tuition for students and an expansion of the universal health care laws. Despite entering the race as a virtual unknown outside Vermont Sanders has quickly become a major player in the entire race for the Presidency.

The need for a Super PAC of his own has so far not seen Sanders look to create any form of group of rich backers to publicize his ideas. Instead, The Washington Post states lawyer Eric C. Jacobson is attempting to register the Super PAC Billionaires for Bernie. The move comes after Jacobson earlier made a similar move on behalf of Senator Elizabeth Warren who later ruled herself out of the Presidential race. Sander may need a Super PAC if he is to challenge for the Presidency after news came of the PAC created for Republican Jeb Bush reaching a funding total so far of more than $114 million.

The “X Factor” Has To Reschedule Their Auditions For Cowell

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Like him or hate him, Simon Cowell is one of reality televisions biggest names. He has been behind famous shows like “American Idol” and “The X Factor” in Britain. The latest season of his British show was just about to start, when Cowell received news that his mother had passed. His mother, Julie Cowell, died Sunday after she suffered from a massive stroke. She had been battling a long term illness and has been sick for some time. Though she had been dealing with this illness, no one expected her to go when she did. The stroke was the surprise and it left major the major tycoon in a pinch, as the shows seasonal auditions were about to begin. 

Cowell, the new father of bouncy baby boy, Eric, is taking the death extremely hard. He was very close to his mother and with his father not in the picture; it was the only parent he really had. She was 89 years old and has lived a full life. However, all the money in the world cannot buy happiness or comfort a person when their grieving. Cowell cancelled the first round of auditions with “The X Factor” in the hopes that he could have some time alone with his family. 

The first auditions were to take place on the day of the funeral, on Tuesday. Being a good son, Cowell wants to be present for his mother’s memorial services and to take part in the celebration of her life with other family members. His mom was a special lady, she not only had four children of her own, but she also took in her husband’s two step children to raise as hers. Her children were all boys Simon, Nicholas, Anthony and Michel. Her step-children were June and John. The six of them loved her so and all attended her memorial services. 

Cowell took to Twitter to express his grief and to have a memorial for his late mother. He was overwhelmed by the messages that he had received and the outpouring of letters from fans telling him how sorry they were. He has always been so somber and so harsh; it will help his image to allow people to see him as a normal human being. Without his mother he is not going to ever be the same. But perhaps he can impart some of her wisdom to his son Eric. His wife, Lauren Silverman, was right by his side throughout the entire process. 

Though the auditions were cancelled in Manchester, they will continue on Wednesday as planned. While he has taken little time off to grieve, he must get back to work. As they say in show business, “The Show Must Go On.” He certainly did go above and beyond to help his mother with her care and needs. He will have a hard time going through the stages of grief, or allowing himself too, while being so busy. Then again, being busy is what usually helps those people who have just lost a parent.

Girl with Down Syndrome Receives Modeling Contract


Everyone deserves to have the kind of career that they want to have, and a beautiful girl should not be denied the opportunity to be a model. When someone has a disorder such as down syndrome, their life can be much different from the lives of those around them. When someone is living with something such as down syndrome, they will often be denied the kind of life that they deserve. One teen girl, though, is living her dream. This girl is receiving the kind of life that she wants, despite the fact that she is living with downs syndrome. Maddie Stuart is making a name for herself, she is becoming the kind of model that she deserves to be. This girl has down syndrome, but that isn’t stopping her from being all that she is meant to be.

When Maddie Stuart first made news, she was known as the down syndrome model who surprised many. Now, this teen girl has been given the chance to receive the kind of modeling contract that she deserves. When a girl like Maddie is beautiful and great at all that is required in the modeling world, that girl deserves the chance to show off her beauty. When someone has what it takes to be a model, that person deserves to have the opportunity to be a model. Maddie Stuart is getting the kind of opportunity that she deserves to receive, and she is paving the way for others with disabilities to move on and be all that they deserve to be.

It is time for those who are dealing with disorders such as down syndrome to receive the same kinds of opportunities that other individuals receive. Maddie Stuart is showing the world that we need to think of those living with down syndrome as people, regular people who deserve a chance at happiness. This teen girl is a leader, someone who is paving the way for those who come behind her.

Caitlyn Jenner: “We deserve respect and something vital”


Caitlyn Jenner looked stunning on July 15 as she made an appearance at the 2015 ESPY Awards. There has been no shortage of Caitlyn news since she publicly announced her transition early this year. She appeared gracefully in a flowing white gown, not a hair out of place.

Tears welled in the former Olympians eyes as she delivered her acceptance speech.

After making a few obligatory wisecracks about learning fashion coordination, Caitlyn set the tone for the serious tone.

“We all struggle,” she said. “All around the country, around the world, people are coming to terms with being transgender. They’re trying to figure it all out but they’re getting hurt. They are getting bullied and murdered and they are committing suicide.”</p>”So many have traveled this road before me and some of them are here tonight,” Caitlyn continued. “Transgendered people deserve something more. They deserve respect. It is that very respect that fosters compassion and empathy within society. That can lead to a better world for everyone.

“I have people to thank and it’s tough,” she said tearfully. “I want to thank my family. I have always wanted my children to be proud of me and my accomplishments. Thank you all for your support.”

Caitlyn wasn’t alone at the ceremony. Her parents, children, and members of her extended family were present in the audience as she accepted her award. Members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan arrived in style, each wearing black. The group took time to have a moment of fun, posing for a photograph that Kylie snapped and uploaded to Instagram.

Caitlyn had appeared on stage to accept the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. The award is typically presented to athletes or individuals whose exceptional courage transcends the boundaries of their athletic and sporting abilities. Previous recipients of the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage include Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela.

Caitlyn Jenner was thrust once again into the mainstream media over the course of the last year when rumors became abundant thatBruce” Jenner is a transgendered woman.