Joseph Bismark Lands Featured Spot in asPire Magazine

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When it comes to staying healthy and pushing ahead with a focus on wellness there are very few people who manage it quite like Joseph Bismark. Bismark is, of course, founding director of the QI Group and his job has landed him in stressful situations. An eye on long term longevity and health is of the utmost important. Bismark’s spot in asPire Magazine details some of the ways that Bismark plans on keeping his body whole for the long haul.

Bismark went over many different methods that he incorporated in order to keep his body healthy but he focused primarily on physical exercise and “holistic health and wellness.” Bismark went on to explain his staunch support of holistic health by including several different functions that he has incorporated into his day to day life. But first let’s look at a typical physical day in the life of Bismark.

For Bismark it is important to stay flexible, literally. Bismark told asPire Magazine, “I work out, do yoga asasnas, go cycling and swim.” Of course these techniques are well known for their fitness related properties and individually aren’t unique. What IS unique, however, is the way that the QI Group director employs them all into a weekly workout that continually focuses on building both his strength and his durability.

Looking past the Yoga based wellness we can see that Bismark makes sure to keep his workout focused on muscles, as well. Incorporating kettlebells and the “rip:60” routine has kept Bismark in game shape. Kettlebells are becoming more and more popular thanks to the “rip:60” routine and they are starting to gain more traction in gyms all over the country. There are beginner classes available for those that are interested in beginning their workout.

We are living in an increasingly technological world so it makes sense that Bismark has even implemented his phone into his workout routine. Bismark uses SoundCloud to host Yoga mantras and he uses MapMyRide for all of his cycling adventures. MapMyRide keeps track of distance, pace, speed, burned calories, elevation and so much more. To close things out, Bismark also focuses on working his brain with Luminosity. Luminosity is a website that gives users scientific games that keep their brains active and working, helping offset many potential brain diseases.

Joseph Bismark has been Managing Director of the Group since December of 2008. His work has only become more impactful thanks to his focus on spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

Parody Star Weird Al and 501st Legion Come to a Little Girl’s Aid as She Gets Bullied for Loving ‘Star Wars’

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Eight year old Layla Murphy is among many little girls who are bullied by their peers for loving star wars. There are many little girls throughout the United States that are bullied for simply loving, and showing their love for the classic films ‘Star Wars’. As told in this story published by Huffington Post, Layla was ridiculed by her fellow peers accusing her of turning into a boy being as ‘Star Wars’, and eventually became ashamed to wear her favorite Guardians of the Galaxy Shirt and R2- D2 Jacket. Many people children or adult associate ‘Star Wars’ with the male gender, but Layla (as well as many other little girls) have shown the world that females share the same love for the classic films ‘Star Wars’. Layla fortunately met one of the members of the 501st Legion at a fan convention, and her mother shared the hardships of the bullying that Layla had been enduring. The 501st Legion showed their undying support for Layla when they heard of the unacceptable cruel bullying she had been receiving by her fellow peers for simply showing her love for ‘Star Wars’.
Members of the 501st Legion used the internet to show their strong support for Layla, and used Facebook to post supporting posts and comments for Layla. The 501st Legion also made a extraordinary effort to show Layla that being herself is the most important thing in the world. Layla also received a special gift from the 501st Legion, that only one other little girl named Katie Goldman (who was also being bullied for loving ‘Star Wars’), which was a custom designed StormTrooper Armor. Layla was reassured that what people think does not matter, and being who she wants to be is most important.
Not only has the 501st Legion shown their strong support for Layla, but parody star Weird Al has also shown his support for this beautiful eight year old little girl. Layla met Weird Al at a fans convention, and took pictures with Layla (who was fully in costume) together. Weird Al, who has done parodies of ‘Star Wars’, has shown his full support for Layla. Both the 501st Legion and Weird Al have told Layla to not listen to any of the bullies about her love for ‘Star Wars.’ Star Wars can be loved by anyone, and enjoyed by anyone regardless of gender. Layla has proven this, and so have the people who stand behind her and support her!

The Queen and her three knights


Here is a story that will inspire you to try out new things, even though you might not have the experience or proper education for them, and that will teach you that the only boundaries of your achievements are those you make for yourself.

The story of Andi Rive, a single mother and a midwife from South Africa, starts around three years ago when she came to visit Glen Garriff, a lion reserve with little chances of continuing its work on lions’ preservation. She came there by chance, with a desire to help a friend, whose father ran the reserve, but got ill. The idea was to stay there for a couple of weeks only. The rest is history. What started as a trip out of altruism became Andi’s everyday work and life’s occupation. Also, the reserve is now a permanent place of residence for Andi and her children. She is the founder of Love Lions Alive Project
The main concern for keeping the lion’s sanctuary going is, as in most of cases, money. Tending to lions’ every day needs, as well as their diet, is a tremendously demanding task, especially if you have no experience whatsoever in running any kind of business, let alone a lion reserve.
This queen’s story would not be much of a story to tell without the selfless efforts of those around her.
The Three Knights
Traci Shannon Page Wood is the closest friend Andi can relay to when it comes to the reserve’s welfare, as she is now the sole owner of it. Having grew up on Glen Garriff, which started as a farm and from there grew to become what it is now. There are many legal issues that burden the status of the reserve, but Andi and Traci address them together and always with mutual agreement. In addition, though she started developing her designer business in Cape Town, she soon moved to the country, wanting her children to live in the similar environment as was the one she grew up in.
Kathleen Murrell, in the series better known as Kathy, is a remarkable example of that saying that it is never too late. She left her life in London and donated her life’s savings to save the reserve from an attempt of forced sale. She is now a permanent resident of Glen Garriff where she works as a volunteer and she just might be the world’s eldest volunteer at 68 years of age. Kathy is an extraordinarily sensitive person, who is not ashamed to show it in front of the cameras. However, Andi’s strength and determination made her a fighter, as well.
Thulani Maphalala is an experienced keeper of the reserve. All the knowledge Andi has about the daily functioning of the reserve came from him. When it comes to lions in captivity and all their needs, for Thulani secrets simply do not exist. That kind of commitment is rarely encountered, and as Andi herself says, he was the true God’s blessing sent to help her out.
To cut the long and exceptional story short, tune in to Animal Planet and watch the series with all its turnovers, as you will not regret it. This brings the spirit and belief that we can only make a contribution to a good cause in life.
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John Cena Grants His 500th Wish


John Cena is one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE, not only for his amazing talent in the ring, but Cena has talent on the big screen, and even musically. John’s dedication to health and fitness is one of his biggest selling points, but he has a undeniable way of inspiring others to stay true to their dreams and never give up, that makes him a favorite of children and parents everywhere. When it comes to his character in and out of the ring, John is a good guy, and it is nearly impossible not to love him. Recently John granted his 500th wish for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and he is making his 500th wish his best yet.

Currently, John has the most wishes granted of any celebrity participating in the charity, and he appeared on NBC’s Today show to celebrate his amazing accomplishment. His 500th wish was granted to 8-year-old Rocco Lanzer, a brave boy that is battling Leukemia. John actually attempted to grand his wish earlier this year by visiting Rocco in the hospital, however due to health issues John and Rocco weren’t able to meet.

Rocco has been hoping for another chance to meet John ever since their missed opportunity, and John was determined to make Rocco’s wish come true. During John’s Today show appearance, Rocco finally got his wish. Not only did John grant Rocco’s wish of meeting him, but he also gave Rocco a ton of gifts and ringside tickets to “Monday Night Raw.” Of course no meeting with John Cena would be complete without some words of encouragement, and John offered just that as he told Rocco that he was a fighter and a very brave young man.

Huffington Post recently published an article, highlighting John Cena’s charity work, and shedding light on the fact that Cena was named the second most chaitable athlete in the work by John insists that his Make-A-With work is important to him and he will always make time to give to others.

“It’s something that I’ll bend my schedule around, I’ll make time for the wish and then do everything else later,” John said. “Because whatever it is, it’s not as important as making a child’d or family’s experience. It’s just been a great thing.”

John Cena’s dedication to making other’s lives better is what makes him the lovable man that he is, and helping children learn that giving back and paying it forward with love makes him the very best role model of the WWE.

A Rare Treasure

Have you have seen a whale? They are magnificent. Their size alone is a beauty. Recently a humpback whale has been spotted. However, this is not an ordinary humpback whale, this is an albino humpback wale.

The albino humpback whale was spotted just off the coast of Australia. what makes this siting so special is the fact that there are only a few more of this rare species. This first spotting of this whale occurred in 1991. This whale was only a myth up until the next spotting which was in 2011.

In 1991, when the albino humpback was spotted, it was named Migaloo. The 2011 was smaller and had different features. Scientists deduced that this particular albino humpback may have been the calf of Milagoo.

When Milagoo was first spotted, he became what was known as one of the most precious animals to protect. His migration from the coast of Australia to Antarctica to even the tropical islands, has allowed people to spot him on his travels.

One of the most spectacular sitings of this spectacular white whale was in August in 2013. This beauty was spotted in the Innisfail region, off of North Barnard Islands. Migaloo was spotted in this area only 200m away from the explorers’ vessel. Migaloo eventually came closer as this whale started playing with the boat.

Migaloo currently only has one calf that has been spotted. The calf has been named Migaloo junior and is a completely white calf. There is much hope that this new humpback will live the average 50 years that a humpback whale lives. These two rare specimens are now poster children for marine and environmental awareness, for the purpose of keeping beautiful things like this alive.

Migaloo, though a site to see, is protected under Australian law. Migaloo and his calf and counted as part of Australia’s humpback whale population. There is currently a movement to spread awareness about this humpback whale. There is even a website called The White Whale Research Centre that has a purpose of recording sitings of the whale.

The website that has been setup is for the purpose of spreading communication among universities, researchers, as well as the media. The biggest audience for this website is the general public. This is the perfect website for students to learn more about the world and why it is important to keep animals, especially rare animals, protected.

Gap Uses 9 Year Old Down Syndrome Model For Fashion Show

Fashion shows are so overrated. Many see this industry as something that parades women around as being perfect, and most of them look like they haven’t eaten in at least three months. Hats off to Gap for doing something about this huge problem. Their new campaign will feature models with disabilities. Most of us know someone who is disabled and may even be disabled yourself. The event took place on August 22, 2015, at a Gap store in Miami, Florida.

One of their beautiful models was a little 9-year-old girl. Kayla was born with Down syndrome, but her disability doesn’t define her character. She is beautiful and full of life, and she has quite a personality. Gap officials saw Kayla on a Facebook page entitled “Changing the Face of Beauty.” The page was created to help those with disabilities, who wanted to be models, get the publicity they needed. The co-founder of Changing the Face of Beauty is Katie Driscoll. She gave a statement to the Huffington Post regarding the social media page.

She stated that kids are often seen as their disability and people never look beyond the surface to see what’s inside. She further stated that her page was designed to help these children break through stereotypes and to launch a career in a field that they loved. You don’t have to be perfect to advertise for a brand. In fact, real people want to see real people marketing their products. The chances are parents can relate to a child with issues more than they can the perfect child. There is no such thing as a perfect child, they all have their flaws. Just because a child has Down syndrome doesn’t mean they can’t be funny and have a great personality.

Kayla owned the stage as she walked down. She entertained her guests with each step. At some points, she would stop and blow kisses at the audiences and her smile was so bright her eyes twinkled a bit. There are more people like Kayla in the world who are longing for an outlet. They just want to be seen for whom they are on the inside, and not for the deformity that they live with. Gap will no doubt continue this amazing event each year. Due to overwhelming response, I am sure that other stores will also follow suite. It’s a great day to be a Gap kid!

Woman Flies Around The World To Find Dog Who Saved Her Life

Everybody knows that dogs are “man’s best friend.” However, nothing could have ever prepared Georgia Bradley for the experience and bond that she would share with a dog. The college student was on holiday in Greece. She was on the beach in Crete enjoying the sun and sand. She didn’t have a care in the world when two men approached her out of nowhere.

The men wanted her to go and have a drink with them. She refused their offer and then one of the men grabbed her by the arm to take her by force. Suddenly, a dog appeared out of nowhere and surprised both her and the men. The dog was growling and barking and seemed to be upset by the altercation. It was a small black dog, but he was able to detour the men from bothering Georgia. The dog stayed right beside her until the men left.

That female dog saved her, and she named her Pepper. She said she just appeared out of thin air and saved my life. When the event was over, the dog began licking her hand and really bonded with the college student. She felt that something was wrong, and she even followed her bark to the apartment. She didn’t want to be touched and was skittish, but by the time they reached the apartment, she allowed Georiga to pet her.

The long journey home was miserable for Georgia, as she couldn’t’ stop thinking about Pepper. She was special and there for her when she needed a friend. How could she not do the same? She booked a ticket to go get her. It took her two weeks to get a flight back out there. She flew 6,000 miles to go get her dog. She didn’t find her at first and was devastated. She flew back and forth for over six weeks looking for her.

She knew that she may never see her again, but it was a risk she was willing to take. She found Pepper on the beach one day, and it gave her the best feeling in the world. She got the dog a passport and adopted her and flew her back to the UK. She no sooner than got her home, and she gave birth to six puppies. It was a crazy journey, but it had a happy ending. Pepper has a new home, and Georgia, a new best friend.

Seeing The Positive In The World

Are you like and hate reading and listening to the news every single day because of all the horrible stuff they talk about? I’m hoping so. The world is so focused on the negative that we want to provide you with some of the positive things happening around the globe and right under our noses. Below you will find some great people doing great things in life. We can only hope that by spreading these positive stories that it will inspire more people to follow suit.

Girl Scout Helps Deliver 100 Backpacks

Back in May, a small town in Texas was struck by a tornado. Since then it has tried its best to recover from the damage. However, one 14 year old girl dreamed of making a difference for back to school children. It was Taylor’s goal to fill backpacks so that kids would have the supplies they needed in order to be prepared for the year. Little did she know that in just a matter of weeks that she would pass her goals. I must say that even though I don’t know her personally, I am proud to announce that she has raised over 100 backpacks full of supplies to provide the middle school. If you want to learn more about Taylor and her story you can find it on WAFB.

Paying It Forward

We all hear all too often how someone wins the lottery and goes broke in less than a year. We all also talk about the changes we would make if we won the lottery. Well, there has been several different people who have won the lottery and made a difference in the world. The list can be found on Celebritynetworth but we are going to take the time out to tell you the most important ones to us. New York resident work a 3 million jackpot and donated 250 thousand of that to the city to build a water park for the city’s kids to use during the too hot months. A couple in Canada won 11 million and donated almost all of it to foundations that help people such as the red cross.

There are so many ways we can keep the world positive. It is our responsibility to make the change we want to see in the world. If you want to restore your faith in humanity you can check out this site for more stories like these two.

Cancer-Free Woman Gets a Wonderful Welcome After Leaving Treatment Center


On SunnySkyz, I witnessed how one woman got the love she has always wanted. For Ann Trachtenberg. Ann has been struggling with some kind of cancer which has required for her to undergo extreme chemotherapy. The video on YouTube has garnered nearly a million hits because of the emotional exit this woman got after receiving her last day of chemotherapy. Her niece contacted the University of Wisconsin after Ann once joked that it would be great to have a marching band escort her as she left the hospital.

She knew that something like that would be nearly impossible and wouldn’t happen, but it would be something that would quite exciting. Her niece decided to give it a complete try and contacted the marching band from the University of Wisconsin. The location she was in was the UW Carbone Cancer Center, and it was here that the entire viral video was shot. The video not only gained national recognition, but news reporters and journalists have looked at the beautiful moment and celebrated the woman’s triumphant journey back to her new normal life.

After undergoing chemotherapy for awhile, she had lost all her hair and has officially been given the chance to leave because she was already cured and ready to get back to her life. As she exited the building, she was wearing red with a huge smile on her face. This is what captured everybody’s hearts. Her smile and big joy from undergoing some very difficult past few weeks or even months has helped her enjoy these moments even more.

Her strong spirit over the video has showcased the beauty of overcoming cancer, and that there is hope for those struggling. The band welcomed her with exciting and triumphant music, and she gladly accepted the welcome from the musicians. She enjoyed every second of the music and the wonderful acceptance from the musicians and her family members.

The woman is being watched on YouTube all over the web because of the amazing music and how happy she was while exiting the entire treatment center. Watching the video gave me happiness because it was so natural and filled with exuberance. She just couldn’t contain her excitement, and I don’t think anybody else could while watching the video. There are no other things that were heard regarding the woman and her struggles, but one thing is for sure, she is happy to have overcome cancer.

Evenflo Creates Car-seat To Stop Infants Being Left in Hot Cars


I am appalled every time I hear a story of an animal or a child locked in a hot car. This summer seems to be unseasonably warm in many areas, and the fact that someone would do this is unthinkable. Unfortunately, we live in a society where people are so busy running here and there that they may forget that their child isn’t at daycare of with the other parent. I was so excited when I heard that Walmart has a new car seat that will prevent a person from leaving their infant behind. Reported on, this was just the kind of good news I needed today. 

I recently watched a woman leave her car and run into a dollar store. Behind was her daughter, who I estimate to be about 2. Some other good Samaritans went into the store trying to find her. The woman was outraged when she had to come out to the car. She sped off as the police were called, and all that was captured was video surveillance. This kind of stuff happens all the time, but what about the parent that just forgot the child was with them. If the child is asleep, it can be done. 

This new car seat will help save lives. There are at least thirty-eight children that die each year due to heat exhaustion in a car. Evenflo has partnered with Walmart to carry this new seat. It has an alarm that will sound if the car is turned off, but the child’s safety buckle is still in buckled. The objective is that once the fastener is removed, the alarm deactivates. The alarm will sound the minute the ignition goes off. The alarm allows ample time for the parent to check the seat and see their baby. 

The set is going to set parents back $150. However, the seat is only going to be available at Walmart for a twelve-month trial. It is currently available online, but will be in all their stores by August. It’s too bad that they didn’t have it out before the start of the summer season. At least they can save lives going forward. The only problem I foresee is those that would leave their child alone intentionally probably won’t care enough to spend this much to protect them. Hats off to Evenflo and Walmart for making child safety a top priority.