Gorilla Finds Comfort with Park Ranger


In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the act of poaching is an everyday and very unfortunate event that takes place and sadly becomes the reality for many of the animals who call this place home. Luckily for the animals of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there are several sanctuaries and reserves set up to aid in the safe keeping from the relentless poachers who endlessly try to capture these animals for monetary gain. Unfortunately however, sometimes even these safe havens are not entirely safe from the poachers.

As seen in this article, sometimes tragedy can still occur behind the safe walls and close eyes of the sanctuary park rangers. In this story, a young gorilla has just lost his parents to the poachers of the land. This gorilla, along with his two siblings and parents were brought to the sanctuary to be kept safe from any poachers that may be trying to hunt them down. This gorillas parents were unfortunately killed and taken from the sanctuary despite the rangers best efforts to maintain the safety of these animals. For the park rangers who guard these types of sanctuaries, it is their daily priority to keep these animals safe and out of harms way. Sometimes, in cases such as this, even under careful watch poachers are able to find their way into the establishment and commit the awful act of killing and taking these poor animals. When this happens, it is often just as hard on the park rangers who work and maintain the sanctuaries as it is on the families of the animals who are left behind after poachers come in. In this story with this photo, it is clear that this park ranger feels compassion for this poor gorilla who is sad that his parents have just been killed by poachers.

The photograph is one that is extremely touching and moving. It shows true trust and care between human and animal, and shows the extreme bond that these park rangers have with the animals that are in their care. The gorilla seems to appreciate the park rangers hug and condolences by reaching over and placing his hand in his lap. This is truly a remarkable story and shows true, unattested care. Hopefully with continued efforts, poaching will cease to be an activity that takes place in the world.

A Pianist Travels With Upright Piano To Perform In Nature All Around The World

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As reported by Good News Network, a musician travels with an upright piano delivering beautiful music all over the world. Beforehand, Dotan Negrin found himself in a post graduate funk. He hated his soul-sucking day job. After two years, he quit the job and used his savings to purchase a truck and an upright piano. Negrin wanted to live solely off of his passion for music.

Negrin wished to perform amidst nature and by some of the greatest landmarks in the world. He hauls his upright piano to beaches, parks, the Eiffel Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Grand Canyon, Costa Rica and just about any place that looks like it should be gracing the cover of a postcard. Can you imagine the experience of playing in a rainforest in Guatemala from atop a mountain? He has even given a concert from inside a Redwood tree in California.

His ternary has spanned over 21 countries. His “Piano Around The World Tour” has been funded by tips and donations from those that enjoy his music.

His very first tour was a 7 month trek in which he drove from New York City to Costa Rica. He said the first trip was quite hard and he wasn’t sure that he was even going to be able to continue his tour for the first year. But four years later, Negrin is still traveling the world with his piano, sharing his passion with fortunate tourists and locals.

He feels so grateful that he has been able to live his passion, traveling the world inspiring people with music in places that they would not suspect. It must be quite a sight to see him pushing his piano through the wilderness, so by the sheer spectacle he is often able to find a captive audience. To say that moving an upright piano through wild terrain is difficult would be an extreme understatement. An upright piano easily weighs 500 pounds. True, maybe from time to time Negrin wished that he was simply carrying an acoustic guitar instead of an upright piano, but audiences would certainly miss the audacity of it all.

Negrin’s “Piano Around The World Tour” is an inspiration to anyone that ever wanted to live deeply and passionately. Crowds enjoy Negrin’s musical gift and these very people help to propel his journey forward. It is always encouraging to see that an individual is living their dream while sharing their gift with others.

The Art of Recycled Crayons


Bryan Ware, father of 2 boys, has developed a wonderful non-profit organization that turns old thrown-away crayons into brand new colors for children in hospitals. Bryan is known to be a man of the Arts and has finally achieved his passion of leading a colorful life by helping out children whose daily escape is lead by the magic of crayons.

It was during a 40th birthday celebration that Bryan and his family found out that the unused crayons left at restaurants simply ended up in the landfill. Saddened by the short life-span of these crayons, this father decided that a crayon collection could be remanufactured and provided to children who are in need of normal childhood development activities.

Art is one of the best therapeutic activities for all people, and children in hospitals are some of the children in most need for continuing a normal development without a creative blockage.

Ware started this initiative at the beginning of this year (2015), and has donated about 2,000 boxes since. By providing kids with comfort, The Crayon Initiative has also managed to reduce sludge in landfills, as crayons are not biodegradable and create unhealthy deposits inside the earth at will simply stay there for years to come.

In order to reach their goal of providing escape and entertainment for children in need, Bryan Ware worked with an occupational therapist to design new crayons that would not roll off the beds or trays, and that are easy for any child to grip on. He also stated “We do not wrap them in paper which can hold bacteria and we’ve had them tested to make sure bacteria from incoming crayons was killed during our processing.”

The Crayon Initiative works specifically from cash donations made from people who want to contribute to the cause. It is with this monetary air that the non-profit can fund remanufacturing, pay shipping costs, and create future grants for art programs. Many volunteers also donate their time in order to help the movement grow in production and touch the lives of many children.

So far, this initiative has remained a local achievement, however, it will soon move into an out-of-state sector and begin to deliver new crayons for the children of Queens, New York.

Waitress Covers Tab for Brain Cancer Patient, Becomes a Celeb in the Process

It’s true that incredible acts of kindness come from the most unlikely places. Rick and Annette Lewallen found this out as they were recently surprised during a pizza dinner outing.

The couple was eating at Brothers Pizza in Hamilton New Jersey last October 27th. Rick and Annette had been struggling, with Rick having been diagnosed with brain cancer a few months earlier. Although the diagnosis came as a shock, Rick has not stopped being active. He still walks 8 miles a day, and carries on his life, even though they face a tough road ahead. Even though their struggles as well as their bills had been mounting, they decided to take out a night for a pizza dinner.

The waitress serving them, Daniela Bossi, 17, knew about their struggles through a family friend. She has known the family for years and went to school with two of the Lewallen’s children. Her younger sister is also good friends with one of the Lewallen children. When Bossi saw them, she thought that she would convey to the couple a small act of kindness. Bossi decided to take her tips and pay for the couple’s tab.

Upon receiving their check, Rick and Annette saw that Bossi had paid for their meal with an encouraging message. It read, “For putting up the biggest fight, this one is on me.”

Moved by this unexpected act of kindness, they decided to post a picture of the tab on Lewallen’s Facebook page, thanking her for her act. Since the posting, Bossi has become a local hero and an internet celebrity. She did not expect that her simple act of kindness would be covered by multiple news organizations, including MTV.com, the Huffington Post and other local newspapers.

Lewellan was deeply moved by the gesture. Annette says that her husband isn’t a man of emotion, but he was brought to tears by the gift. “It was a vote for humanity,” explained Lewallen. “I’ve finally stopped crying about it.”

And, to top it all off, her employers, Brother’s Pizza, decided to give the money back to the teen server after she paid the tab. It seems that paying it forward works in more ways than one.