A Pianist Travels With Upright Piano To Perform In Nature All Around The World

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As reported by Good News Network, a musician travels with an upright piano delivering beautiful music all over the world. Beforehand, Dotan Negrin found himself in a post graduate funk. He hated his soul-sucking day job. After two years, he quit the job and used his savings to purchase a truck and an upright piano. Negrin wanted to live solely off of his passion for music.

Negrin wished to perform amidst nature and by some of the greatest landmarks in the world. He hauls his upright piano to beaches, parks, the Eiffel Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Grand Canyon, Costa Rica and just about any place that looks like it should be gracing the cover of a postcard. Can you imagine the experience of playing in a rainforest in Guatemala from atop a mountain? He has even given a concert from inside a Redwood tree in California.

His ternary has spanned over 21 countries. His “Piano Around The World Tour” has been funded by tips and donations from those that enjoy his music.

His very first tour was a 7 month trek in which he drove from New York City to Costa Rica. He said the first trip was quite hard and he wasn’t sure that he was even going to be able to continue his tour for the first year. But four years later, Negrin is still traveling the world with his piano, sharing his passion with fortunate tourists and locals.

He feels so grateful that he has been able to live his passion, traveling the world inspiring people with music in places that they would not suspect. It must be quite a sight to see him pushing his piano through the wilderness, so by the sheer spectacle he is often able to find a captive audience. To say that moving an upright piano through wild terrain is difficult would be an extreme understatement. An upright piano easily weighs 500 pounds. True, maybe from time to time Negrin wished that he was simply carrying an acoustic guitar instead of an upright piano, but audiences would certainly miss the audacity of it all.

Negrin’s “Piano Around The World Tour” is an inspiration to anyone that ever wanted to live deeply and passionately. Crowds enjoy Negrin’s musical gift and these very people help to propel his journey forward. It is always encouraging to see that an individual is living their dream while sharing their gift with others.

Parody Star Weird Al and 501st Legion Come to a Little Girl’s Aid as She Gets Bullied for Loving ‘Star Wars’

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Eight year old Layla Murphy is among many little girls who are bullied by their peers for loving star wars. There are many little girls throughout the United States that are bullied for simply loving, and showing their love for the classic films ‘Star Wars’. As told in this story published by Huffington Post, Layla was ridiculed by her fellow peers accusing her of turning into a boy being as ‘Star Wars’, and eventually became ashamed to wear her favorite Guardians of the Galaxy Shirt and R2- D2 Jacket. Many people children or adult associate ‘Star Wars’ with the male gender, but Layla (as well as many other little girls) have shown the world that females share the same love for the classic films ‘Star Wars’. Layla fortunately met one of the members of the 501st Legion at a fan convention, and her mother shared the hardships of the bullying that Layla had been enduring. The 501st Legion showed their undying support for Layla when they heard of the unacceptable cruel bullying she had been receiving by her fellow peers for simply showing her love for ‘Star Wars’.
Members of the 501st Legion used the internet to show their strong support for Layla, and used Facebook to post supporting posts and comments for Layla. The 501st Legion also made a extraordinary effort to show Layla that being herself is the most important thing in the world. Layla also received a special gift from the 501st Legion, that only one other little girl named Katie Goldman (who was also being bullied for loving ‘Star Wars’), which was a custom designed StormTrooper Armor. Layla was reassured that what people think does not matter, and being who she wants to be is most important.
Not only has the 501st Legion shown their strong support for Layla, but parody star Weird Al has also shown his support for this beautiful eight year old little girl. Layla met Weird Al at a fans convention, and took pictures with Layla (who was fully in costume) together. Weird Al, who has done parodies of ‘Star Wars’, has shown his full support for Layla. Both the 501st Legion and Weird Al have told Layla to not listen to any of the bullies about her love for ‘Star Wars.’ Star Wars can be loved by anyone, and enjoyed by anyone regardless of gender. Layla has proven this, and so have the people who stand behind her and support her!

The “X Factor” Has To Reschedule Their Auditions For Cowell

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Like him or hate him, Simon Cowell is one of reality televisions biggest names. He has been behind famous shows like “American Idol” and “The X Factor” in Britain. The latest season of his British show was just about to start, when Cowell received news that his mother had passed. His mother, Julie Cowell, died Sunday after she suffered from a massive stroke. She had been battling a long term illness and has been sick for some time. Though she had been dealing with this illness, no one expected her to go when she did. The stroke was the surprise and it left major the major tycoon in a pinch, as the shows seasonal auditions were about to begin. 

Cowell, the new father of bouncy baby boy, Eric, is taking the death extremely hard. He was very close to his mother and with his father not in the picture; it was the only parent he really had. She was 89 years old and has lived a full life. However, all the money in the world cannot buy happiness or comfort a person when their grieving. Cowell cancelled the first round of auditions with “The X Factor” in the hopes that he could have some time alone with his family. 

The first auditions were to take place on the day of the funeral, on Tuesday. Being a good son, Cowell wants to be present for his mother’s memorial services and to take part in the celebration of her life with other family members. His mom was a special lady, she not only had four children of her own, but she also took in her husband’s two step children to raise as hers. Her children were all boys Simon, Nicholas, Anthony and Michel. Her step-children were June and John. The six of them loved her so and all attended her memorial services. 

Cowell took to Twitter to express his grief and to have a memorial for his late mother. He was overwhelmed by the messages that he had received and the outpouring of letters from fans telling him how sorry they were. He has always been so somber and so harsh; it will help his image to allow people to see him as a normal human being. Without his mother he is not going to ever be the same. But perhaps he can impart some of her wisdom to his son Eric. His wife, Lauren Silverman, was right by his side throughout the entire process. 

Though the auditions were cancelled in Manchester, they will continue on Wednesday as planned. While he has taken little time off to grieve, he must get back to work. As they say in show business, “The Show Must Go On.” He certainly did go above and beyond to help his mother with her care and needs. He will have a hard time going through the stages of grief, or allowing himself too, while being so busy. Then again, being busy is what usually helps those people who have just lost a parent.