Joseph Bismark Lands Featured Spot in asPire Magazine

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Originally found on Business Wire

When it comes to staying healthy and pushing ahead with a focus on wellness there are very few people who manage it quite like Joseph Bismark. Bismark is, of course, founding director of the QI Group and his job has landed him in stressful situations. An eye on long term longevity and health is of the utmost important. Bismark’s spot in asPire Magazine details┬ásome of the ways that Bismark plans on keeping his body whole for the long haul.

Bismark went over many different methods that he incorporated in order to keep his body healthy but he focused primarily on physical exercise and “holistic health and wellness.” Bismark went on to explain his staunch support of holistic health by including several different functions that he has incorporated into his day to day life. But first let’s look at a typical physical day in the life of Bismark.

For Bismark it is important to stay flexible, literally. Bismark told asPire Magazine, “I work out, do yoga asasnas, go cycling and swim.” Of course these techniques are well known for their fitness related properties and individually aren’t unique. What IS unique, however, is the way that the QI Group director employs them all into a weekly workout that continually focuses on building both his strength and his durability.

Looking past the Yoga based wellness we can see that Bismark makes sure to keep his workout focused on muscles, as well. Incorporating kettlebells and the “rip:60” routine has kept Bismark in game shape. Kettlebells are becoming more and more popular thanks to the “rip:60” routine and they are starting to gain more traction in gyms all over the country. There are beginner classes available for those that are interested in beginning their workout.

We are living in an increasingly technological world so it makes sense that Bismark has even implemented his phone into his workout routine. Bismark uses SoundCloud to host Yoga mantras and he uses MapMyRide for all of his cycling adventures. MapMyRide keeps track of distance, pace, speed, burned calories, elevation and so much more. To close things out, Bismark also focuses on working his brain with Luminosity. Luminosity is a website that gives users scientific games that keep their brains active and working, helping offset many potential brain diseases.

Joseph Bismark has been Managing Director of the Group since December of 2008. His work has only become more impactful thanks to his focus on spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.