Gorilla Finds Comfort with Park Ranger


In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the act of poaching is an everyday and very unfortunate event that takes place and sadly becomes the reality for many of the animals who call this place home. Luckily for the animals of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there are several sanctuaries and reserves set up to aid in the safe keeping from the relentless poachers who endlessly try to capture these animals for monetary gain. Unfortunately however, sometimes even these safe havens are not entirely safe from the poachers.

As seen in this article, sometimes tragedy can still occur behind the safe walls and close eyes of the sanctuary park rangers. In this story, a young gorilla has just lost his parents to the poachers of the land. This gorilla, along with his two siblings and parents were brought to the sanctuary to be kept safe from any poachers that may be trying to hunt them down. This gorillas parents were unfortunately killed and taken from the sanctuary despite the rangers best efforts to maintain the safety of these animals. For the park rangers who guard these types of sanctuaries, it is their daily priority to keep these animals safe and out of harms way. Sometimes, in cases such as this, even under careful watch poachers are able to find their way into the establishment and commit the awful act of killing and taking these poor animals. When this happens, it is often just as hard on the park rangers who work and maintain the sanctuaries as it is on the families of the animals who are left behind after poachers come in. In this story with this photo, it is clear that this park ranger feels compassion for this poor gorilla who is sad that his parents have just been killed by poachers.

The photograph is one that is extremely touching and moving. It shows true trust and care between human and animal, and shows the extreme bond that these park rangers have with the animals that are in their care. The gorilla seems to appreciate the park rangers hug and condolences by reaching over and placing his hand in his lap. This is truly a remarkable story and shows true, unattested care. Hopefully with continued efforts, poaching will cease to be an activity that takes place in the world.

A Rare Treasure

Have you have seen a whale? They are magnificent. Their size alone is a beauty. Recently a humpback whale has been spotted. However, this is not an ordinary humpback whale, this is an albino humpback wale.

The albino humpback whale was spotted just off the coast of Australia. what makes this siting so special is the fact that there are only a few more of this rare species. This first spotting of this whale occurred in 1991. This whale was only a myth up until the next spotting which was in 2011.

In 1991, when the albino humpback was spotted, it was named Migaloo. The 2011 was smaller and had different features. Scientists deduced that this particular albino humpback may have been the calf of Milagoo.

When Milagoo was first spotted, he became what was known as one of the most precious animals to protect. His migration from the coast of Australia to Antarctica to even the tropical islands, has allowed people to spot him on his travels.

One of the most spectacular sitings of this spectacular white whale was in August in 2013. This beauty was spotted in the Innisfail region, off of North Barnard Islands. Migaloo was spotted in this area only 200m away from the explorers’ vessel. Migaloo eventually came closer as this whale started playing with the boat.

Migaloo currently only has one calf that has been spotted. The calf has been named Migaloo junior and is a completely white calf. There is much hope that this new humpback will live the average 50 years that a humpback whale lives. These two rare specimens are now poster children for marine and environmental awareness, for the purpose of keeping beautiful things like this alive.

Migaloo, though a site to see, is protected under Australian law. Migaloo and his calf and counted as part of Australia’s humpback whale population. There is currently a movement to spread awareness about this humpback whale. There is even a website called The White Whale Research Centre that has a purpose of recording sitings of the whale.

The website that has been setup is for the purpose of spreading communication among universities, researchers, as well as the media. The biggest audience for this website is the general public. This is the perfect website for students to learn more about the world and why it is important to keep animals, especially rare animals, protected.

Evenflo Creates Car-seat To Stop Infants Being Left in Hot Cars


I am appalled every time I hear a story of an animal or a child locked in a hot car. This summer seems to be unseasonably warm in many areas, and the fact that someone would do this is unthinkable. Unfortunately, we live in a society where people are so busy running here and there that they may forget that their child isn’t at daycare of with the other parent. I was so excited when I heard that Walmart has a new car seat that will prevent a person from leaving their infant behind. Reported on Sunnyskyz.com, this was just the kind of good news I needed today. 

I recently watched a woman leave her car and run into a dollar store. Behind was her daughter, who I estimate to be about 2. Some other good Samaritans went into the store trying to find her. The woman was outraged when she had to come out to the car. She sped off as the police were called, and all that was captured was video surveillance. This kind of stuff happens all the time, but what about the parent that just forgot the child was with them. If the child is asleep, it can be done. 

This new car seat will help save lives. There are at least thirty-eight children that die each year due to heat exhaustion in a car. Evenflo has partnered with Walmart to carry this new seat. It has an alarm that will sound if the car is turned off, but the child’s safety buckle is still in buckled. The objective is that once the fastener is removed, the alarm deactivates. The alarm will sound the minute the ignition goes off. The alarm allows ample time for the parent to check the seat and see their baby. 

The set is going to set parents back $150. However, the seat is only going to be available at Walmart for a twelve-month trial. It is currently available online, but will be in all their stores by August. It’s too bad that they didn’t have it out before the start of the summer season. At least they can save lives going forward. The only problem I foresee is those that would leave their child alone intentionally probably won’t care enough to spend this much to protect them. Hats off to Evenflo and Walmart for making child safety a top priority.

Revolutionary Tire Could Hit the Consumer Markets Soon


For 130 years air filled tires have been the standard of consumer automobile companies. All that is about to change with Hancook’s airless tires. Even though military vehicles have been utilizing solid rubber tires that don’t require inflation for decades, solid airless tires have been proven to be excessively more expensive to produce and just not practical for everyday consumer use.

Michelin and Polaris have been offering airless tires for agricultural and off-road use for several years now, but no tire manufacture has offered an ideal airless tire for consumer everyday use. Hancook is revolutionizing the automobile industry by introducing non-pneumatic tires that don’t require air. These new tires offer stability and cushion that air filled tires have without the worry of a having a blow out from a nail or gash in the tire. Proven to go speeds up to 130 kilometers (or roughly 81 miles per hour) and withstand even the harshest of turns,
Hancook is proving itself to be a likely contender and even alternative to the mainstream air filled tires offered in today’s automotive industry. The new tire acts as a shock absorber by using various webbed designs that allow for great aerodynamics and durability. The air less tire is far from finished. It still has many stages of testing before it hits the market. As technology continues to advance and airless tires become more stable and engineered for daily transit use, it could only be a matter of years before we see airless tires going mainstream.
If Hancook’s design is proven to be an efficient and cost effective design on the market, larger companies may follow in their footsteps. Before you know it, countless vehicles may be seen littering the highways and freeways with designs similar to those of Hancook’s. Only time will tell on the success and overall consumer opinion of the airless tire.

Bernie Sanders sees grass roots support grow through small donors


The movement to bring Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to the White House seems to be gaining momentum amongst grass roots liberals who are looking to fund their support for the candidate through small donations. In fact, National Journal reports the average donation to Sanders campaign totals just $35.18, but with around 284,000 donors the Senator has seen his campaign fund hit $15.1 million. Sanders is making waves amongst the Democratic party even though he is an Independent Senator as he has turned his back on backing from billionaire donors. Despite this fact a Los Angeles based lawyer has recently attempted to create a Super PAC supporting Sanders.

The movement towards sanders has seen him draw closer to Democratic favorite Hilary Clinton in the polls for early election states. Sanders is also drawing large crowds of supporters to his town hall meetings and public appearances, where his own brand of socialism seems to have hit a chord with disenchanted voters. Sanders has been looking to draw closer to Clinton through his use of popular rhetoric, including a call for free college tuition for students and an expansion of the universal health care laws. Despite entering the race as a virtual unknown outside Vermont Sanders has quickly become a major player in the entire race for the Presidency.

The need for a Super PAC of his own has so far not seen Sanders look to create any form of group of rich backers to publicize his ideas. Instead, The Washington Post states lawyer Eric C. Jacobson is attempting to register the Super PAC Billionaires for Bernie. The move comes after Jacobson earlier made a similar move on behalf of Senator Elizabeth Warren who later ruled herself out of the Presidential race. Sander may need a Super PAC if he is to challenge for the Presidency after news came of the PAC created for Republican Jeb Bush reaching a funding total so far of more than $114 million.

The “X Factor” Has To Reschedule Their Auditions For Cowell

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Like him or hate him, Simon Cowell is one of reality televisions biggest names. He has been behind famous shows like “American Idol” and “The X Factor” in Britain. The latest season of his British show was just about to start, when Cowell received news that his mother had passed. His mother, Julie Cowell, died Sunday after she suffered from a massive stroke. She had been battling a long term illness and has been sick for some time. Though she had been dealing with this illness, no one expected her to go when she did. The stroke was the surprise and it left major the major tycoon in a pinch, as the shows seasonal auditions were about to begin. 

Cowell, the new father of bouncy baby boy, Eric, is taking the death extremely hard. He was very close to his mother and with his father not in the picture; it was the only parent he really had. She was 89 years old and has lived a full life. However, all the money in the world cannot buy happiness or comfort a person when their grieving. Cowell cancelled the first round of auditions with “The X Factor” in the hopes that he could have some time alone with his family. 

The first auditions were to take place on the day of the funeral, on Tuesday. Being a good son, Cowell wants to be present for his mother’s memorial services and to take part in the celebration of her life with other family members. His mom was a special lady, she not only had four children of her own, but she also took in her husband’s two step children to raise as hers. Her children were all boys Simon, Nicholas, Anthony and Michel. Her step-children were June and John. The six of them loved her so and all attended her memorial services. 

Cowell took to Twitter to express his grief and to have a memorial for his late mother. He was overwhelmed by the messages that he had received and the outpouring of letters from fans telling him how sorry they were. He has always been so somber and so harsh; it will help his image to allow people to see him as a normal human being. Without his mother he is not going to ever be the same. But perhaps he can impart some of her wisdom to his son Eric. His wife, Lauren Silverman, was right by his side throughout the entire process. 

Though the auditions were cancelled in Manchester, they will continue on Wednesday as planned. While he has taken little time off to grieve, he must get back to work. As they say in show business, “The Show Must Go On.” He certainly did go above and beyond to help his mother with her care and needs. He will have a hard time going through the stages of grief, or allowing himself too, while being so busy. Then again, being busy is what usually helps those people who have just lost a parent.