The “X Factor” Has To Reschedule Their Auditions For Cowell

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Like him or hate him, Simon Cowell is one of reality televisions biggest names. He has been behind famous shows like “American Idol” and “The X Factor” in Britain. The latest season of his British show was just about to start, when Cowell received news that his mother had passed. His mother, Julie Cowell, died Sunday after she suffered from a massive stroke. She had been battling a long term illness and has been sick for some time. Though she had been dealing with this illness, no one expected her to go when she did. The stroke was the surprise and it left major the major tycoon in a pinch, as the shows seasonal auditions were about to begin. 

Cowell, the new father of bouncy baby boy, Eric, is taking the death extremely hard. He was very close to his mother and with his father not in the picture; it was the only parent he really had. She was 89 years old and has lived a full life. However, all the money in the world cannot buy happiness or comfort a person when their grieving. Cowell cancelled the first round of auditions with “The X Factor” in the hopes that he could have some time alone with his family. 

The first auditions were to take place on the day of the funeral, on Tuesday. Being a good son, Cowell wants to be present for his mother’s memorial services and to take part in the celebration of her life with other family members. His mom was a special lady, she not only had four children of her own, but she also took in her husband’s two step children to raise as hers. Her children were all boys Simon, Nicholas, Anthony and Michel. Her step-children were June and John. The six of them loved her so and all attended her memorial services. 

Cowell took to Twitter to express his grief and to have a memorial for his late mother. He was overwhelmed by the messages that he had received and the outpouring of letters from fans telling him how sorry they were. He has always been so somber and so harsh; it will help his image to allow people to see him as a normal human being. Without his mother he is not going to ever be the same. But perhaps he can impart some of her wisdom to his son Eric. His wife, Lauren Silverman, was right by his side throughout the entire process. 

Though the auditions were cancelled in Manchester, they will continue on Wednesday as planned. While he has taken little time off to grieve, he must get back to work. As they say in show business, “The Show Must Go On.” He certainly did go above and beyond to help his mother with her care and needs. He will have a hard time going through the stages of grief, or allowing himself too, while being so busy. Then again, being busy is what usually helps those people who have just lost a parent.